TransUnion Mobile Navigation

TransUnion is dedicated to being more than just a credit reporting agency. They are a global information provider striving to use information for good. 

During my time there as a product design intern, one of my first projects was to create responsive layouts of their existing pages. In addition to this, I worked with two other visual designers and was lead by our UX designer to create a new navigation system to accommodate mobile devices.

Lead Designer
Jianqi Chen


To create a scalable navigation system that organizes the four levels of navigation on TUCM and also accommodates for new products and pages.


- design a navigation that will not overwhelm users

- create a scalable system that will accommodate for TUCM's growing products 

Nav breakdown.jpg

Idea One
Drawer and nesting navigation with drop down/accordion interaction

Flow 1.jpg

Idea Two
Take over menu with swiping interaction


Although I was not directly present during the later stages of our design, our UX designer ran usability tests on key stakeholders. This allowed us to test the usability of our solutions and assess the feasibility from a front-end standpoint before moving on with development. 

Final Design
Take-over menu with nested navigation and drop down interaction

Interaction flow (click to enlarge)