Sleep is incredibly important, but most people don't take the right measures to ensure that they get enough rest every night or understand how it affects their daily lives. For Cal Poly's Design & Dev Hackathon, we decided to create an app that educates users on healthy sleeping habits. Pretty ironic for a group of kids who were about to pull an all nighter, right?

We ended up not winning anything, but it was an interesting project nonetheless.
We like to laugh at ourselves by saying "Ya snüz, ya lose." 

12 hours
 A new idea starting from scratch
Unlimited redbull

Art Director
Project manager
UI/UX Designer

 Kaitlin Liu
Ivy Au
Chris Welch

Doug Huynh


People understand the importance of sleep but don't know what steps to take to ensure they get it. Additionally it's difficult for them to resolve their sleeping schedules because they don't know how.

How do we engage users to become more aware of their sleeping patterns and the results from it? How do we get them to actively move towards better sleeping habits? 



We conducted a quick survey in the short time we had and asked people questions about their sleeping habits and what they understand about sleep and here are the biggest points that we gathered: 

  • Many people felt that sleep was important to them
  • Despite the first finding, only 57% of people actually felt well rested after sleeping
  • After a night of no to little rest, people take unhealthy routes to make up for the lost rest (ie. power naps, caffeine, muscling through, etc)

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Do you normally feel well-rested after sleeping?



The idea was to create an avatar that was dependent on the user's actions, so taking care of it would indirectly take care of the user. We also gamified the process of monitoring sleep to make it more appealing and provide rewards as incentives for doing so. 

Wireframe and character sketches


Final Design