Pupdates is a concept app that I created with two other designers. Designed to encourage and generate puppy playdates, Pupdates strives to inspire owner and dog activity within communities. Through connection and activity, it hopes to result in better care of all dogs and stronger relationships between other owners.

Haley O' Rourke
Deanna Montalban
Doug Huynh

Art director
UI/UX Designer

Visual Design


We conducted a survey asking dog owners for their opinions and experiences with their furry friends and whether or not they believed they were taking proper care of them. Our goal was to understand our user's goals and problems. 

Across the board, everyone spoken to was interested in meeting new dog owners and creating playtime for their dogs around these meet ups.

  • People are open to meeting other dog owners but there isn't a concrete place to do it
  • Users felt more motivated to do activities with their dog if others joined them
  • Some owners are sometimes cautious about introducing their dogs to others because of special needs. 
  • Owners admitted to not taking care of their dogs as well as they should be

      For our product we decided to include a method of displaying an overview of dog's stats (age, height, weight, etc) so that users were able to determine whether they were a suitable match to meet with. Since people were more likely to put more effort into taking care of their dogs if they were held accountable for it, we chose to include a health/fitness tracker to monitor their activities while on their puppy playdates.

    Information Archtecture





    1. We turned the hamburger menu into a bottom navigation to remove the extra step of accessing the navigation

    2. Changed the grid layout into a card style so that users were able to quickly scan through other users and information
    3. Changed the images from squares to circles in the message list for a friendlier appeal. We also made the message boxes a little bigger and gave it more breathing room so it wasn't as cluttered
    4. We made the profile photo the main focus of the user profile and shifted name/details down 


    For the character visualization, we asked owners what qualities they look for in other dogs before they agree to meet for playdates. We compiled the most common qualities and narrowed them down. We chose the pentagonal chart to display the information, but users were confused with exactly what it was portraying. We realized that a chart like that was better for displaying quantitative data and had to find another solution.

    After some trial and error we learned that people responded better to a Likert Scale because it gave users limited options with definitive values (ie very small, small, medium, big, very big). We had to be very careful with the wording for the qualities so that they didn't contradict each other and confuse the user even further. 









    The first step of encouraging the community is through connecting dog owners to each other. Entering the app will take you to our home page where you can view other owners within your area. A grid layout was used to optimize the space and allowed for more users to appear on the screen. Tapping on each icon will take you to their respective profiles.


    Puppy Profiles

    Clicking through will take you to user profiles where you'll be able to see a character chart gauging the dog's personality to determine its compatibility. Separate profiles were created for dogs and owners to keep information distinct and clear. 


    Tapping on the messages tab shows you new messages and display a directory of recent users that you've been in contact with.


    An activity page splits into three sub-pages titled: Fitness, Diet, and Medical. They allow users to keep track of the respective aspects of their dog's health and work towards being in their tip-top physical shape.