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Digital Product School

During the summer of 2017 I was selected to join the Digital Product School on the Interaction Design track as part of their first batch. I led discovery, research, and design to build an AI powered insurance platform for claims handlers on an awesome team sponsored by SAP. Details about my project can be shared in person; please contact dougnhuynh@gmail.com.


Product Manager (1) , Software Engineers (2) ,  AI Engineer (1), Interaction Designer (Myself)


project Brief

Identify a problem pertaining to vehicular accident experience and develop an AI powered digital solution to address it. 

After preliminary research, we learned that the insurance process post-accident was a huge pain point for many users, so we chose to move forward in this space.


The question we were trying to solve:

How might we use AI to speed up the claims handling process and improve customer satisfaction? 


Understanding current areas of friction between claims handlers and claimants

For our secondary phases of research, we interviewed both claims handlers and claimants to identify major pain points within the claims handling process. We uncovered three common problems  between the two parties: 





Because of my NDA I can't disclose much about our project, but on a high-level I was able to delve into agile product development with users at the forefront. This opportunity reinforced the idea that our design decisions should be grounded in research in order to create something that is valuable to our users.

Additionally, I've learned so much about the power and limitations of different user-research methods, and how to identify valuable insights. As part of such a collaborative setting, I got to see for myself what sort of magic happens when you bring people from different disciplines together, and I firmly believe it's as close to magic as it gets. 


"Doug brought great value to the team and contributed to the development of [this project]. In addition to being a very talented designer, he has strong personal skills that enable him to work effectively with his team members and to motivate and guide them through difficult challenges." 

Adrian Abele,  Head of IxD @ DPS