AuditionMe is an app that bridges the gap between content creators and their communities by building a platform where all creative content can live. It allows users to discover new content and creatives, view work from their favorite creators, and market their own skills for potential work.

As the only visual designer on a small team I was responsible for completely redesigning the iOS app and a web platform to align it under their new vision. Rapid design and development were needed to bring this initiative to life and to meet MVP requirements.

During my time there I was able to design 60+ screens and we were able to have our first release in under 3 months!
*Designs may have changed in recent updates


Adding Showcase Content

As part of our profile page, we wanted to let users upload and showcase their best content. Think of it as like advertising your top favorite 9 pieces of work. As part of the project, I designed the flow that allows people to upload their work. For this I had to think carefully about what it would look like if there was no content uploaded (empty states), and how users can easily delete/replace current content. 

Visual Designer
Interaction Designer


Add showcase flow.jpg


Uploading Content

There are a lot of steps to uploading content—from taking a video or choosing from your library, editing it, to selecting a cover photo, and finally adding captions before uploading. I redesigned the existing screens to be consistent and frictionless as possible. 

Upload flow.jpg
Big angled color.png

KEY Screens

*Although the pages have been implemented, these animations are just concepts




Your newsfeed is where you'll find all the most recent posts from people
you follow.  Follow your favorite creatives so that you can always stay updated with their activities. 



Set up your own profile and tag relevant content and skills to market yourself.
Whether its games, lifestyle, or sports, other users can search these tags to find you. 







showcase, portfolio, social

The profile page is all about you and is home to everything  you post.
This page is organized in three tabs: 

You can feature your favorite posts under the Showcase tab,
Portfolio lists the entire body of work you've posted, and
the Social tab shows where you can be found on other social channels. 




Get in touch with interesting people by messaging them! Use this to reach out for potential work or even just to build a connection



Not sure who to follow? No problem! AuditionMe will suggest users based on the content you like. By allowing users to swipe through profile cards, we've created an experience that's casual but also fun. 


Web Platform

The responsive web platform is used by creatives to upload their work and schedule posts.
Additionally they can view analytics to track the status of their posts, and to guide their decisions for posting future content. 

Web platform.png