Ambur Redesign

I was asked to help out at an aunt's restaurant as a server where they use an app called Amber to do everything in the front like seating customers and taking orders.  As I was using it on the first day I found that this app had terrible usability and was excessively complicated. In this project I identified the issues (specifically pertaining to taking orders and checking out) and designed solutions for it.

Visual Design

UI/UX Designer


1. The colors on the menu appear arbitrary and pose for legibility issues
2. Paying/check out process was too ambiguous. Users didn't know where or how to begin the process.
3. Checking out process was too long

The current check-out flow consists of 6 steps

The current check-out flow consists of 6 steps



The redesigned payment flow from start to end consists of four steps compared to the six it takes in the original design. 

New payment flow: tap on the “Check out” button; choose the payment method (which is cash in this case); enter the amount of money given and tap “ok”; and give cash back to the customer. 

  1. Replaced the icons from the original design with a clear call to action prompting the paying sequence.
  2. Removed arbitrary color assignments and gave each category of food its own color to ease scanning/filtering.
  3. Moved the order details and only showed pertinent information to save space.
  4. Moved the order actions (coupon, kitchen, receipt, etc) into “Order Options” so that the right side could be dedicated to just the menu.